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La Storia

The Terranova Bar Restaurant story begins with a baker known as Salvatore Scullino from a town in the province of the Calabria region known as Terranova Suppo Minulio.

Salvatore Scullino owned the village Bakery/Delicatessen which supplied all local & neighbouring residence. In the late 1950’s Salvatore’s son Rocco’s love for the family business saw him commence his duties to ensure the Scullino family’s love lived on with producing quality. After Rocco’s decision to migrate to Australia in 1963, older brother Domenico ensured the bakery/Deli doors remained open until late 1999.

 Rocco sadly passed to commence his life in heaven in August 2008. In 2012, Rocco’s youngest son Domenico Antonio Scullino proposed his vision to his older brother Salvatore by visiting the old Sharks driving range on Horsley Drive to re-create the meaning of quality authentic Italian cuisine, just what Sydney’s west was missing. Salvatore and Domenico’s hard work and dedication saw the doors open in May 2013, in honor of their late father Rocco Scullino
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